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This website is dedicated to parents of children with Downs Syndrome. (updated 06th January 2011)



When a baby is born and appears quite ''normal'', we parents are not given a detailed catalogue of information about the risks of what might go wrong in the future. We are not told about the chances that a heart condition, hearing problem, visual defect and so on might appear. We are not given lists of statistics about the risk of delinquency, drug abuse or success at school; we go home and dream our dreams for a happy future. If we were given such a list, we would need to learn to live with the information and control our imaginings of what might happen. 
 But if you have a baby born with a condition like Down syndrome, which is recognizable from birth or shortly after, then many facts and figures are available. Much of this information is about possible medical and developmental problems and about how they can be helped. But the majority of children with Down syndrome do not have many of these problems.
My daughter has Down Syndrome and I have spent many a night crying myself to sleep wondering what the future holds, but I can quite categorically state, I wouldn''t change her, Katy is a joy to have and I and all my family are proud to have her. 


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As my children were born,
I wanted them to be perfect.

When they were babies,
I wanted them to smile and be content playing with their toys.
I wanted them to be happy and to laugh continually
instead of crying and being demanding.
I wanted them to see the beautiful side of life.

As they grew older,
I wanted them to be giving instead of selfish.
I wanted them to skip the terrible twos.
I wanted them to stay innocent forever.

As they became teen-agers,
I wanted them to be obedient and not rebellious, mannerly and not mouthy.
I wanted them to be full of love, gentle and kind-hearted.
"Oh, God, give me a child like this" was often my prayer.
One day He did. Some call him handicapped... I call him Perfect!!

~ author unknown ~

Received this email and couldnt resist addidng him to the site: >


Hi Pam!
>> Just thought I''d share a video of one of our Belvoir Special School
> students.>
> He has been having private drum lessons for a few years and I filmed
> him playing on the school drum kit.
> I composed some music to tie in with his drum improvisation and the
> results can be seen on YouTube, The Legend David Park
> His passion and enthusiasm is inspiring.


The Legend David Park

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Please send your story or poem to you can make a difference to a new parent. I just want to tell everybody how wonderful life is with our children, they change your whole perspective on life and fill every day with a little sunshine. 


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